Is an RV Washer and Dryer Worth It?

Is a RV washer and dryer worth it

Having an RV washer and dryer in my rig would be pure bliss. I wouldn’t have to gather my quarters and drive to the nearest laundromat. I wouldn’t have to bring a book and be bored as I watched my …

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Can You Patch or Plug RV Tires?

Can You Patch or Plug RV Tires Cover

The tires are a vital part of your motorhome. It doesn’t matter what kind of RV you have—motorhome or towable—without tires, you go nowhere. So if one of them blows, can you patch or plug RV tires to get back …

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Do RV Outlets Work on Battery Power?

Do RV Outlets Work on Battery Power

Do RV outlets work on battery power? Everything in your RV is fairly seamless or should be when you are attached to shore power. When you start talking about how RV outlets work on battery power, it can lead to …

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10 Best Class C RVs Under 25 Feet

Class C RV Under 25 Feet Cover

Owning a Class C RV under 25 feet has many advantages. These beauties are easy to drive, maneuver well, and will get you into just about any RV park where you want to stay. Whether you’re traveling on four-lane highways …

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8 Best Class C RVs For Full-Time Living

Best Class C RVs For Full Time Living Cover

Class C RVs for full-time living are a great option that’s often not considered. You can choose the length and sleeping accommodations in the style you want; most have great space for daily living, a good amount of storage, are …

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9 Cheapest Class C RVs

Cheapest Class C RVs Cover

Finding a cheap Class C RV is not the easiest task. Even as the price of RVs has declined from a year ago, you’ll likely still be looking at new Class Cs that are in the $100,000 range. Of course, …

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Why are My RV Windows Fogged Up?

Why are My RV Windows Fogged Up Feature

You may wake up in the morning and ask, “why are my RV windows fogged up?” RV windows can fog up for several reasons. Join us as we explore why RV windows fog up, regardless of the season. We’ll show …

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Can You Use Crocs as Water Shoes?

Can You Use Crocs as Water Shoes Cover

Can you use Crocs as water shoes? Since I’ve done a lot of canoeing and kayaking in my life, my first response would be “no.” They’re designed to slip on and off; the last thing you want to do on …

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