17 Organization Hacks for Your RV & Bonus Tips

Living in a motorhome means a small amount of square footage, so to make the most of your RV lifestyle, you need the most organization hacks for RV living as possible.

We’ve compiled a list of our best organizational hacks for RVs so you can utilize even the smallest space. Having everything you need in the right place can go a long way toward making your camping experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

How Can I Keep My RV Organized? 

How Can I Keep My RV Organized with Hacks

The best organization hack for RVs is to declutter. The fewer things you have to store, the easier it’ll be to keep your camper organized. They say, “there’s a place for everything and everything in its place,” and this motto is especially important for RV living. 

Once you’ve decluttered your RV, you’ll want to find a home for each remaining item. Try to store things near where they are needed to make clean-up easy.

This may seem obvious, but when space is limited, it can be tempting to shove things wherever they fit. Resist that urge and invest in organizational products to help maximize your storage to create a home for everything.

Generally, the best organization hacks for RVs are storage items or items that:

  • Collapse
  • Create space
  • Fold up
  • Hang
  • Divide storage space
  • Maximize space
  • Redefine space
  • Reduce storage size

17 Best Organization Hacks for Your RV 

1. Organize Vertically with Wall Space 

Organization Hacks for Your RV Organize Vertically with Wall Space

When you run out of horizontal storage space, a great organization hack for your RV is to look for vertical storage space. A wall-mounted spice rack will free up space in your kitchen cupboards, and a magnetic knife holder will free up drawer space.

An all-in-one storage device like the one above can save you even more space.

Some RVers have even found unconventional vertical storage hacks, like using a metal file organizer mounted to the wall to store plates. Utilizing the vertical spaces in your RV can easily double your RV storage space.

2. Use Over-the-Door Racks 

Organization Hacks for Your RV Use Over the Door Racks

Over-the-Door Racks are another way to take advantage of your motorhome’s vertical space. Toiletries spilling out of your medicine cabinet can be easily organized with an over-the-door rack inside the bathroom door.

Likewise, smaller over-the-door racks are a great organization hack to organize plastic food storage bags or even snacks in your RV kitchen.

3. Install Paper Goods Dispensers

Organization Hacks for Your RV  Install Paper Goods Dispensers

Speaking of vertical storage, these paper plates, bowls, and cup dispensers are a great way to utilize wall space. When trying to find organization hacks for RVs, you have to be creative. The underside of overhead cabinetry has a lot of potential.

Bonus, if you can install these dispensers near your RV front door, your paper tableware will be easy to grab whether you’re eating inside or outside.

4. Use Clear Acrylic Organizers for Pantry and Bathroom

Organization Hacks for Your RV Use Clear Acrylic Organizers for Pantry and Bathroom

Using clear acrylic organizers is another one of our favorite organization hacks for RVs.

Acrylic containers help organize anything from toiletries in the bathroom to yogurts in the refrigerator. We love that these containers are clear so you can see what you have and if you’re running low. They also help make a cluttered fridge, pantry, or cabinet look tidy and organized.

5. Try the KonMari Clothes Folding Hack 

Customer reviews on the KonMari organization method say it’s life-changing. The folding device maximizes your RV wardrobe and dresser by “filing” your clothes vertically instead of horizontally. Full-timers will find that they can expand outside a capsule wardrobe with all of the extra space this method uses.

Part-time RVers in small Class C motorhomes or camper vans will also enjoy how much extra space the KonMarie folding method allows in their interior storage. What would you do with all of that extra storage?

Many people have mastered freehanding the KonMarie folding method, but if you’re like me, this clothes folding board helps you get the technique just right.

6. Divide Drawer Space

Organization Hacks for Your RV Divide Drawer Space

In RV living, drawers are limited, so multiple family members often need to share one drawer. New and improved folding methods or not, it can be confusing who’s clothes are who’s when you have multiple people sharing a drawer.

That’s why drawer dividers can be the best organization hacks for RVs. Utilizing one or two of these makes it easy to tell who’s clothing is who’s at a glance. 

Drawer dividers are also great for organizing kitchen utensils. Using a few kitchen drawers to create separate spaces for cooking utensils can make food prep much easier.

7. Invest in Nesting Kitchen Items 

Organization Hacks for Your RV Invest in Nesting Kitchen Items

Regarding organization hacks for your RV kitchen, nesting kitchen items eliminate the clutter. This nifty bowl and measuring cup product keeps all of your essential kitchen items in one place while using the least amount of space possible.

8. Use Magnets and Magnetic Strips 

Organization Hacks for Your RV Magnets and Magnetic Strips

A lesser know organization hack for RVs is magnets and magnetic strips. Adding strong magnets to hold storage devices on walls or other places is a great way to keep organized items in place while camping. When it’s time to leave, pull them off the wall and store them for traveling.

9. Pad Stacked Dishes with Styrofoam Plates 

Organization Hacks for Your RV Pad Stacked Dishes with Styrofoam Plates

Protect your nice camper dishes, and save space by placing one of these compostable plates in between your fancier tableware.

Not only will you cushion your breakable dishes as you travel, but you’ll also have disposable plates for those meals when you don’t have time to do dishes.

10. Mount Your Garbage Can to a Door   

Organization Hacks for Your RV Mount Your Garbage Can to a Door

Utilize all of your under-sink storage by installing a door-mounted garbage can with a bag dispenser. You’ll have your garbage can easily accessible while you prepare meals. Yet you won’t sacrifice all of your under-sink storage for a bulky wastebasket.

This hanging garbage can includes a convenient waste-bag dispenser. The best RV organization hacks are those that serve multiple purposes. For example, this wastebasket saves space and reduces clutter.

11. Use a Roll-Up Dish Drainer 

Organization Hacks for Your RV Use a Roll-Up Dish Drainer

If your motorhome didn’t come with one, a roll-up over-the-sink dish drying rack is a must-have for any well-organized RV kitchen. This drying rack slips over the sink when in use to conserve counter space.

When not in use, this handy kitchen gadget is even more compact. Simply roll it up and slip it into a drawer.

12. Purchase a Bedside Caddy 

Organization Hacks for Your RV Purchase a Bedside Caddy

An under-mattress bedside caddy like this is a game-changer for any well-organized RV bedroom. Even if you don’t have a proper nightstand, you’ll be able to keep all you’re late night/ early morning necessities right at hand.

No more searching for your glasses as you stumble out of bed in the morning!

13. Velcro TV Remotes to the Wall 

Organization Hacks for Your RV Velcro TV Remotes to the Wall

An easy organization hack for your RV is to velcro easily-misplaced items to the wall. Velcro strips like these are great for securing TV remotes or a wireless computer mouse right to the wall. 

These items will stay securely in place when you don’t need them. Not only that, but this organization hack also has the added benefit of being a baby-proofing hack. No more searching for where Junior stashed the remote.

14. Try a Collapsible Ottoman with Storage 

Organization Hacks for Your RV Try a Collapsible Ottoman with Storage

Collapsible ottomans are a discrete way to organize and hide clutter in your RV. This is a great place to stash extra linens or conceal expensive electronics. Ottomans have the extra benefit of being functional pieces of furniture. 

Whether you use it as a footrest or an extra seat, having an ottoman on hand is a nice addition to any motor coach. When you don’t need them or are ready to travel, they fold up into an easy-to-store item.

15. Organize Smaller Items with a Tackle Box 

Organization Hacks for Your RV Organize Smaller Items with a Tackle Box

A versatile tackle box is another best-kept RV organization hack. Use it to organize small items that may otherwise get lost or unorganized in your motorhome’s storage.

Batteries, nails, screws, first aid, or medication are excellent candidates for tackle-box storage. 

16. Mount Magazine Holders Inside Cabinet Doors 

Organization Hacks for Your RV  Mount Magazine Holders Inside Cabinet Doors

A wall-mounted magazine holder is another versatile organization hack for your RV. Mount one of these to the inside of nearly any cabinet door for added storage.

We’ve seen anything from hair dryers to flip-flops stored in magazine holders like these. There are so many possibilities!

17. Use Tension Rods 

Organization Hacks for Your RV Use Tension Rods

Tension rods are another extremely versatile RV organization hack.

Place them in kitchen cabinets to keep food and dishes from moving. Hang hooks or clips from them to create a coffee cup or even toiletry storage. Cleaning supplies in spray bottles can even be hung directly on tension rods to create multiple rows of storage in any cabinet.

5 Bonus Organizational Hacks For RV Living Tips

1. How Do You Organize Clothes in an RV?

Bonus Organization Hack RV Tips How Do You Organize Clothes in an RV

Clothing takes up a lot of space in an RV, so knowing how to organize it best is key. Start with your motorhome’s wardrobe. Hang items on hangers or add hanging fabric cubbies if you prefer to fold your clothes. 

If you have drawer space or open shelves, the KonMarie folding method will allow you to utilize this space for clothing while still keeping everything looking tidy and neat. 

Most RVs have a shelf or long cabinet over the bed, which is another great place to store folded clothing. In our camper, we sectioned this cabinet into thirds, so each of our children has their own space. This works especially well for us now because children’s clothing is small and takes up less space. 

Another easy option for kids’ clothing is simply a duffle bag kept at the foot of their bunks. There is no right or wrong way to organize clothes in your RV as long as it works for your family.

2. How to Add Storage to Your RV

Bonus Organization Hack RV Tips How to Add Storage to Your RV

Campers, by nature, are compact. If you need more space, you can’t simply build onto your RV as you might on to a traditional house. Therefore, you have to get creative when adding storage to your RV. 

Being able to look at your existing space and find ways to utilize more of it is key.

Investing in vertical storage options is helpful. Use stacking shelves or tension rods to create two tiers of storage in cabinets. Over-the-door storage options also help you take advantage of previously unused space.

Deep storage compartments, like the exterior cargo area and the under-dinette cubbies, are additional areas where you can gain more usable storage.  Many RVers add sliding storage trays to make the hard-to-reach space in these deep compartments more accessible. 

Learn how to add them yourself in the September 22 edition of RV Camping Magazine.

3. How Do You Store Towels in an RV? 

Bonus Organization Hack RV How Do You Store Towels in an RV

Towels can be tricky to store in an RV because they can be bulky and take up a lot of space. An over-the-door towel organizer keeps clean towels organized.

A tension rod or command hooks in the shower are great options for hanging used towels to dry. Depending on your floor plan, you may have large open storage space under your sofa or bed. Those are also great places for storing clean towels and linens.

4. Where Should Shoes Be Stored in an RV? 

Bonus Organization Hack RV Where Should Shoes Be Stored in an RV

Keeping shoes organized is essential to keeping your RV clean, but this can be difficult. It’s easy to want to kick off our shoes right when we walk through the door. Without someplace to put them, that habit easily turns into an unsightly mess.

There are a few top organization hacks for RV shoe storage. The first is an over-the-door shoe caddy. This can be placed inside a wardrobe or cabinet or even cut to fit and hang out from under your mattress. 

5. How to Organize an RV Bathroom 

Bonus Organization Hack RV How to Organize an RV Bathroom

The bathroom can seem like the most difficult place in your RV to organize, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A hanging shower caddy and wire shelves are great ways to keep all of your shampoos and body washes organized. It’s also helpful if each individual person has their own bathroom caddy for any toiletries specific to them.

Don’t just reserve the hanging shower caddy for the bathroom. This organization hack for RV living can be used anywhere with a door or cabinet door. In addition, investing in tension rods and stackable shelves for your bathroom cabinets can help you take advantage of every square inch of storage.

If you camp with little ones, remember to always store your cleaning supplies out of reach.

Creativity Is the Best RV Organization Hack

Creativity Is the Best RV Organization Hack

Finding the best organization hacks for RV living can be daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many great products on the market to help you utilize every available inch of space. That being said, the best organizational hack for your RV is creativity.

If you have under-utilized storage space, like an oddly shaped cabinet, take a step back and think about how you’d like to use that space. Then, find a way to make your vision a reality.

Whether you have to cut down a shoe organizer, so it fits or purchase a lazy-susan turntable to make a cabinet more accessible, there’s always a way to optimize even the oddest-shaped space.

Whatever works for you and your family are your best organization hacks for RV living. Creativity goes a long way toward making any camper into a home.

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Laura is a part-time RVer and a full-time mom of three.  Long-time campers and RVers before children, Laura, and her husband have fallen even more in love with the RV lifestyle since becoming parents to a child with food allergies. 

Having her own kitchen on wheels makes her RV trips amazing. Laura is passionate about finding ways to make traveling with young children fun, easy, and attainable.

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