15 Ways To Toddler-Proof Your RV

Ho to toddler-proof your RV

If you’re first-time parents, you’ve probably wondered “How do we toddler-proof the RV?” It’s an important question since hitting the road with young children is an entirely different ball game than adult-only traveling.  Toddlers are curious, adventurous, unpredictable, and often …

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RV Oil Change at Love’s Speedco

RV Oil Change at Love's Speedco

While once a tried and true oil change destination for RVers, RV Oil Changes at Love’s Speedco is becoming a thing of the past. With Love’s acquisition of Speedco in 2017, services shifted decidedly toward commercial trucks. It may be …

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How Much Can a Class C RV Tow?

How Much Can Class C RVs Tow Cover

Class C RV tow ratings vary from one coach to the next. The chassis, engine, suspension, and hitch all impact a motorhome’s towing capabilities. So, how much can a Class C Motorhome Tow? In this discussion, you’ll learn about how …

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8 Class C RVs With the Best Gas Mileage

8 Class C RVs With the Best Gas Mileage Cover

Updated January 27, 2024 Unpredictable and ever-changing fuel prices may have you wondering which Class C RVs get the best gas mileage. While some fuel-saving tips and tricks apply to any RV, miles per gallon (mpg) still vary greatly across …

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17 Organization Hacks for Your RV & Bonus Tips

Organization Hacks for Your RV Cover

Living in a motorhome means a small amount of square footage, so to make the most of your RV lifestyle, you need the most organization hacks for RV living as possible. We’ve compiled a list of our best organizational hacks …

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