RV Oil Change at Love’s Speedco

While once a tried and true oil change destination for RVers, RV Oil Changes at Love’s Speedco is becoming a thing of the past. With Love’s acquisition of Speedco in 2017, services shifted decidedly toward commercial trucks.

It may be possible to get your diesel RV oil changed at Love’s Speedco at individual locations that offer this service. There’s no longer any mention of RV services on Love’s Speedco website.

Some RVers still report being able to have their rig serviced at certain Speedco locales. However, what, if any, RV services are offered at Love’s Speedco now seem to vary depending on which one you pull into at the time.

In our discussion, we’ll show you if you can get a diesel RV oil change at Love’s Speedco, what you’ll need ahead of time, and other information you need to know. We’ll also show you how to find a Love’s Speedco that’ll perform RV oil changes.

Does Love’s Speedco Offer RV Service?

Does Love's Speedco Offer RV Service

As a policy, Speedco no longer offers RV oil changes. This is the general rule that seems to have been put in place when Love’s purchased Speedco. The re-imagined business model for Speedco simply doesn’t include RVs currently.

However, some Speedcos still offer RV oil change services. It’s best to call ahead and ask your local Speedco. Depending on how busy a particular Speedco service station is, the knowledge level of their staff, and the supplies they keep on hand, you may still find locations willing to service RVs.

The ultimate decision boils down to the manager of the location. He or she has the authority to allow RV oil changes at their location. When the manager makes this choice, it doesn’t come down to whether they are sympathetic to RVers or not (although many are).

It also has to do with how familiar their staff is with the differences in how the engine compartments are in a diesel motorhome compared to an 18-wheeler commercial truck. Yes, most of these trucks use Cummins engines, but the placement of the oil filter, oil pan plug, and other parts are different. Their mechanics usually are not certified to work on RVs.

Will Love’s Speedco Perform An RV Oil Change?

Will Love's Speedco Perform An RV Oil Change

If you find a location that still performs RV services, you’ll want to confirm that they have the proper filters for your rig in stock. Since RV Oil Changes at Love’s Speedco are performed on an exception basis, many RVers have found that Speedco doesn’t keep RV filters in stock.

You’ll likely have to bring your own oil filter due to sizing problems. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep a spare engine, generator, and various air filters in your tool and hardware supply bay as spare parts.

Learn more about which essential spare parts to carry in our Travel Trailer Pro article, 17 Essential Spare Parts To Carry.

Should you find a Speedco that offers RV services, you should know that there may be a $70 upcharge for non-commercial vehicles. There is no mention of this on Love’s Speedco’s website, but then again, there is no longer any mention of RV services at all.

Whether you call it an RV upcharge, or a non-commercial vehicle discount, it’s probably safe to assume that if you find a Love’s Speedco to service your RV, an oil change will cost more than the advertised commercial vehicle price.

How Can I Find A Speedco Near My Location?

How Can I Find A Speedco Near My Location

Before you can call ahead and inquire about RV services, you must find a Love’s Speedco near you. After all, you’ll need to call the individual location, not the corporate HQ. The easiest and most efficient way to do that is with an RV trip planning service like RV Trip Wizard.

An RV trip planning tool like this can help you locate oil change and service destinations like Love’s, but it can also help you find campgrounds, and points of interest too.   

Do RV Oil Changes Include The Generator?

Do RV Oil Changes Include the Generator

When it’s time to service your RV, don’t forget to service your onboard generator too. Typically, RV oil changes don’t include an oil change for your generator. But any reputable RV oil change location will also be able to change the oil on your generator. You just need to ask, as this service isn’t included with a typical RV oil change.

How Much Does It Cost For An Oil Change On An RV?

How Much Does It Cost For An Oil Change On An RV

If you plan to get an RV oil change at Love’s Speedco, keep in mind that they only service diesel engines. Gasser Motorhomes will have the hardest time finding a Speedco that will perform the oil change service.

Motorhomes that use the Ford or Chevy chassis will have the best luck at Walmart’s Auto Service Center, or a mobile RV service technician.

Those with Mercedes-Benz diesel engine Sprinter chassis motorhomes won’t have much luck at Love’s Speedco either. Due to how the engine and where the oil plug is located, you’ll have to take your RV to a Mercedes-Benz service center.

RV oil changes are typically more expensive than oil changes for daily driver vehicles. One reason for this is the cost of materials. While a typical car only requires 4-6 quarts of oil, diesel motorhomes need a few gallons of oil.

The type of engine you have, diesel or gas, can also impact the cost of an oil change. Another factor to consider is the type of oil that will be used. Synthetic oil will cost you more.

Overall, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 for an RV oil change depending on the size and type of motorhome you have. Specifically, because it’s not an advertised service, you can expect the cost of an RV oil change at Love’s Speedco to vary by location. Inclusive of any non-commercial upcharges, RVers report paying anywhere from $250 to over $400 for an RV Oil Change at Love’s Speedco.

If it’s time to have the oil on your generator changed as well, you can expect that to add to the cost. It can be time-consuming for dealers to perform generator oil changes. As a result, expect the added cost for that service to be about $100-$150. 

As with any RV maintenance, it’s best to review cost and time estimates with your service provider before allowing the work on our rig to begin.

Best Places For RV Oil Changes

Best Places For RV Oil Changes

Since Love’s Speedco has gotten away from offering RV oil changes, you may be asking yourself where you should take your RV for the best oil change. RV Service Centers and RV-specific mobile technicians are well-suited to perform both RV and generator oil changes. Simply search for one in your area.

If there is a Valvoline near you, they offer a great oil change option for RVs.

5 FAQs about an RV Oil Change at Love’s Speedco

RV Oil Change at Love's Speedco FAQs

1. How Often Should You Change The Oil In Your RV?

The oil in an RV should be changed about as frequently as in your car, so every 4,000 to 6,000 miles. However, depending on your RVing lifestyle, your motorhome may sit for a significant portion of the year. Keep in mind, that, at a minimum, the oil in your RV needs to be changed once a year, even if you haven’t reached that 4,000-mile minimum threshold.

You need to keep up on RV generator maintenance as well. Most manufacturers recommend a generator oil change after the first 50 use hours. It’s important to have your generator’s oil changed every 150 hours after that.

2. What Type of Oil Should I Use In My RV?

You should always use whichever oil your RV manufacturer recommends. 

That being said, synthetic oil is typically the better choice for your engine. However, keep in mind that if you have an older engine with significant mileage on it, conventional oil may be the better way to go.

3. Does It Matter Where You Get Your Oil Changed?

Does It Matter Where You Get Your Oil Changed

As long as you choose a reputable service center or mobile technician, it shouldn’t matter where you have your RV’s oil changed. If you feel competent, you can even change your RV’s oil and onboard generator’s oil yourself.

Whichever oil change option you choose, please remember to save your receipts. You’ll want to be able to document that you’ve kept up with routine RV maintenance for your motorhome. This is important for maintaining any manufacturer warranty and for potential resale value.

4. Are There Mobile RV Oil Change Services

Depending on where your RV is parked, a mobile RV Oil Change Serice may be a great option for you. However, many campgrounds and home owner’s associations don’t allow this service. To avoid fines and penalties, you’ll need to check to be sure that you’re allowed to have your RV’s oil changed where it’s parked.

5. What Is The Best RV Maintenance App?

You already know we love RV Life Trip Wizard. But as far as the best RV Maintenance App goes, you may not know about RV Life Maintenance. This is a part of the RV Life Trip Wizard Suite of Apps, and, in our opinion, by far the best RV Maintenance App around.

Final Words on RV Oil Changes At Love’s Speedco

Final Words on RV Oil Changes At Love's Speedco

Speedco used to be a reliable option for RV oil changes. Unfortunately, when Love’s acquired Speedco, they shifted toward servicing commercial trucks only. While you might still find individual Love’s Speedco locations that perform RV oil changes, this is more the exception than the rule.

As with any RV maintenance, you’ll want to call ahead to confirm the services offered, and that they have the proper supplies on hand. Also, RVers with diesel motorhomes will have the best chance. Those with gas motorhomes or Mercedes Sprinter chassis will have to go elsewhere.

If you can’t find a Love’s Speedco offering RV oil changes near you, never fear. You have many options for an RV oil change. RV services centers and mobile RV technicians also offer RV oil changes. If you don’t know how to find an oil change location, remember the RV Life app is a great tool to point you in the right direction.

Regardless of where you have your RV’s oil changed, be sure to do so regularly. Keeping up with routine maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your motorhome.

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