Are RV Awnings Waterproof?

are RV awnings waterproof

RV awnings are a great way to enjoy some shade outside your RV. Few things are better than setting up some chairs and relaxing under your awning with a cold beverage on a hot day. But are RV awnings waterproof? …

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Do They Make Toy Hauler Motorhomes?

Do They Make Toy Hauler Motorhomes

The public consensus on toy hauler motorhomes is a bit of a mystery. A quick jaunt through the hallowed halls of the Google search engine leads many to believe that few exist if they exist at all. Toy haulers, in …

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10 Best Class A RVs With Bunk Beds

Best Class A RVs with bunk beds

If you’re traveling with kids or grandkids, it’s important that they have a place to sleep. And few options are more popular with the kids than bunk beds.  For this reason, Class A RVs with bunk beds are perfect. Bunk …

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Are RV Slide Toppers Really Necessary?

Are RV slide toppers really necessary?

RV slide toppers, also known as slide-out awnings or covers, are a popular accessory among many RV owners. Slide-out toppers protect the top of your RV’s slide-outs from debris and weather elements when extended.  But the question is, are RV …

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What Is A Diesel Pusher?

If you are shopping for a drivable RV like a motorhome or motorcoach, you have probably heard the term “diesel pusher.” For new RV buyers, this term can make some RVs seem daunting. However, a diesel pusher is actually a …

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10 Smallest Class B RVs With a Bathroom

Class B RVs With a Bathroom Cover

We found the 10 Smallest Class B RVs With a Bathroom. Due to their small stature, manufacturers have to pack a lot into a tiny space, and for the most part, they succeed in high style.  Also known as camper …

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12 Best Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet

Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet Cover

You’re in luck if you’re looking at Class A motorhomes under 35 feet. We’ve rounded up 12 of the best options on the market, from luxurious models with all the bells and whistles to more budget-friendly models still packed with …

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