Can You Fill RV Tires at a Gas Station Air Pump?

Can You Fill RV Tires At A Gas Station

You can fill your RV tires at a gas station air pump, but it isn’t always the best experience, and most times, the compressors don’t have the “oomph” for huge, high-pressure tires. So, what’s an RVer to do? If you’ve …

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Motorhome Trade-In Value: What’s Your RV Worth?

Motorhome Trade-In Value What's Your RV Worth Cover

Whether you’re interested in selling Class A, B or C motorhome, determining your motorhome trade-in value involves some serious homework. It may be a tough decision, or it may be that you’re looking to upgrade. Either way, it begins with …

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RV Oil Change at Love’s Speedco

RV Oil Change at Love's Speedco

While once a tried and true oil change destination for RVers, RV Oil Changes at Love’s Speedco is becoming a thing of the past. With Love’s acquisition of Speedco in 2017, services shifted decidedly toward commercial trucks. It may be …

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RV Oil Change: Average Cost For Engine Service

RV Oil Change Average Cost For Engine Service

Changing your motorhome’s engine oil is one of the most important tasks for keeping your RV running properly. If you have just purchased your RV, you may be wondering about the RV oil change average cost. There are many factors …

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Are Campground Site Lock Fees Worth The Cost?

Are Campground Site Lock Fees Worth The Cost

Campground site lock fees are trending because it’s a growing financial mechanism for campgrounds across the country. RVers may not like it, but it’s here to stay, and it’s one of the side effects of a booming RV industry.  It …

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How Much Can a Class C RV Tow?

How Much Can Class C RVs Tow Cover

Class C RV tow ratings vary from one coach to the next. The chassis, engine, suspension, and hitch all impact a motorhome’s towing capabilities. So, how much can a Class C Motorhome Tow? In this discussion, you’ll learn about how …

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What Is The Markup On Motorhomes?

What is the Markup on Motorhomes Cover

All of the experts keep saying RV prices are starting to fall, but when you consider the markup on motorhomes, how much negotiating room do you really have? Depending on the health of the market at any given time, dealers …

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7 Best Class C RVs With Washers And Dryers

Best Class C RVs With Washers And Dryers Cover

Space is at a premium in motorhomes, so, understandably, many Class C RVs with washers and dryers are hard to find. But everybody has to wash their clothes. Unless you want to do the whole “down by the river with …

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How Much Freon Does Motorhome A/C Hold

How Much Freon a Motorhome A/C Hold Cover

Knowing how much freon a motorhome A/C holds inside the compressor and tubing is helpful. This article shares some helpful information on freon refrigerants and how to properly recharge your motorhome A/C unit for a cool travel experience.  What Is …

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Can You Patch or Plug RV Tires?

Can You Patch or Plug RV Tires Cover

The tires are a vital part of your motorhome. It doesn’t matter what kind of RV you have—motorhome or towable—without tires, you go nowhere. So if one of them blows, can you patch or plug RV tires to get back …

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